I am building and transforming rooms and city environments. The main focus of my work is the irritation, the underlying dynamics of material changes, of virtual narratives of spaces and objects. The conceptual psychotopies are put out in order to let the perception of everyday objects, casual working spaces and conventional truths vibrate and circulate in the discoveries and experiments the subjects need to undergo. My main concerns are the interaction between people and their spatial and social environment, where the truth and the convention are produced in each moment of the audience, being observer, actor and intentional realizer at the same time.

Gustav ZWEK Kleinschmidt /*1987

Gotha /Germany


Ich baue und verändere Räume und Stadtszenerien. Das Hauptaugenmerk meiner Arbeit ist die Irritation, die subversiven Dynamiken von Material- veränderungen, von virtuellen Narrativen, von Orten und Objekten. Die konzeptuellen Psychotopien entstehen mit der Absicht die Wahrnehmung von Alltagsgegenständen, gewöhnlichen Arbeitsräumen und konventionellen Wahrheiten, vibrieren und zirkulieren zu lassen, durch die Entdeckungen und Experimente, welchen die Subjekte sich unterziehen müssen. Mein Hauptanliegen liegt dabei in der Interaktion zwischen Menschen und deren räumlichen und sozialen Umgebungen, wo Wahrheit und Konvention in jedem Moment produziert wird, in dem die Gäste Beobachter, Schauspieler und intentionaler Realisator zugleich sind.

The Revolution


A room-installation consisting of an office-ceiling of a print-house from Kaulsdorf will be built up again in Munich. This time the revolution will take place again. The question whether it is real or not, is a question of “the reality”, that after the brain science from nowadays, we can only answer with “the one reality does not exist”. The office-ceiling of the house of media is a synonym of the disaster. The world is driven by computer-centres, hackers’ algorithms steel data, like Facebook and Instagram do. Work-procedures and political actions follow the same pattern as the revolution, when wars are still shaping our personal lives, when social media influences our personal lives, when capitalism influences our everyday lives, then it is coming to a collapse.

Material... 300m2 office ceiling, aluminium profiles, wooden beams, canvas, 100 kg of plaster, 4 pc´s 2 printer, lamps

Red Block Colony


5 red cubes are being built on the pavement in front of the stil threatened arthouse LA 54. The village consisting of a wash-house, living-house, parliament, a galerie and a security house. Two weeks people are living, cooking, talking and discussing on the street with the local neighbours, securities, police and skyped with the owners of the building to Frankfurt.

Material .... steel-walls, erd paint, sink, stove, bookshelves, books about anarchy and politics, speakers-table, lamps, carpet, monitors, cameras, lap-top

Collaboration with LA 54 and Girl To Guerilla

The Fetish Theater


In an off-theater space a turning stage is buit in. On top of which a fetish made of oil, paint, tar and wax is growing. The stage is being sacrificed and turned on, while people are are asking, what theater is? the actors produce fetishs, the fetishs produce itself and its own societal form.

Material .... moving stage, wood, wooden planks, oil, tar, lack, wax

Collaboration with Group

The Gate


Inside the czech embassy a magnetscanner is installed in the entrance.

So that in the exhibition "the wooden web" mobilephone and credit card data can be scanned, and then transferred to the World Wide Web.

Material .... Magnetscanner of an old library, red 25m cable, electrical-box

The Busstop


The Busstop is a representation of representations, of: Faith and Theories of the world - on the way towards them -. They are in conflict with solipsism, with the idea that the world is only an invented thing of a Self. Everything would lose its content and sense. There is a trespassing to see if intersubjectivity exists and can be capsuled in an idol. What is a busstop in a disillusioned cluster of a „State“ that failed to exist?

material .... aluminiumbeams, tv´s, bolts, concrete-plates, 500 kg kosovarian earth, carpets, grasrolls, hedges, foam, blue plastic-sacks, glassheets

Collaboration with Girl To Guerilla

Red Block Gallery


On the pavement in front of the former arthouse LA 54 in threat of investors still after 5 years a 2m x 2m x 2m red aluminium cube is built up.

Depending on how long it takes until the police comes, the exhibition „the red block“ is taking place, it could last between 10 min or 10 days, and will host 20 artists.

The exhibition lasted the full 10 days and showed 20 artists. Along with talks with local politicians, a newspaper article and two letters to the owners who closed the arthouse 5 years before to supposedly built new flats, which didn´t happen.

material....red aluminiumwalls, carbon tent-sticks, tarpaulin, red paint, accu, lamp, 20 artists, arthouse security 10 hours per day

Kollaboration mit LA 54

Horror 2 - Photoshop Opening


The galerie Schillerpalais in Neukölln Berlin supposedly had to close down. At it´s place a new photoshop should open. In the internet there is promotion made for the shop-opening, a promotion video, webpage, instagram, facebook and newsletter. At the opening people find barricaded doors and windows. They enter through the side door. Inside a 100m plasticsheet labyrinth is leading the way. The floor is made of tiles finished with silicon. Sometimes the very bright light situation is switched to one tiny bulb in the whole space, then photographic emulsion is spread on the tiles where a guest is standing or walking, then cut out on site and directly taken into the dark room. Because of the big daylight lamps behind the plastic sheeting it is difficult not to loose orientation. At the end of the trail you enter into a cellar, you are asked to wear the gasmask which was given to you at the entrance. A butcher curtain is closing the door to keep the heat. Inside are three heaters, and a glass box is standing in the middle of the small tiled room. Inside the box you find a canvas treated with heat sensitive pigments, clay and hydrochloride acid, so that over time it is changing it´s surface and image.

Material .... plastic sheets, glass, tiles, photoemulsion, gasmasks, wood, metal fence, lamps

Collaboration mit Alice Morey

Installation by Alice Morey

Art in the Living-Room


In a living room in the Berliner Straße in Wilmersdorf Berlin it is predicted that art has been done. Not much is obvious. The heater has been changed; the kitchen has been replaced by a different one; pictures are added in the living room which was full of artprints already. At the outside wall of the building there is a subwoofer placed which is playing the sound of the gasheater from the kitchen where a microfon and a bluethooth transmitter is build in. One could think that it is the sound of the neighbours heater. At the outside wall there was standing once another building which has been bombed away. In this environment guests are invited join talks about carneval, plantconsciousness, and the transcendent meaning in art.

Material .... microphone, subwoofer, rooms, pictures, sink, heater, boiler, carpet, lamps

Curation by Lorenzo Graf, Confini

Material .... video, projector, chalk, washing bowl, watertap, tiles, sitting cushion, plastic, curtains, jalousie, wallsculpture, shelf, books

The Travelers


In an empty hospital one room is completely beeing besmeard with chalk, until you can smell and feel the dampness in the space. The windows are hung off with cloth, plastic bags and a jalousie made of thin wood sticks. A cigarette has been stubbed out in the ash tray on the windowsill. On the wall on the right is hanging a chapel-like trophy, melted together from chinese plastic asseccories and a plastic chain. In the jalousie of the window a video is projected, showing dancing young refugees celebrating the ramadan in a refugee camp in lesbos, greece. On the floor are persic carpets with a seating cushion. On the wall to the left is a book-shelf with books and magazines about globalisation and human trafficing. In the corner next to the entrance is a tiled corner with a plastic washing bowl, and a dripping water tap.

mit einem Objekt von Alice Morey an der Wand



In a forest close to Fürstenberg 3 procedures are taking place: a big plastic sheet is smeared on with self-made charcoal together with silicon and pigments, a dead fox is draped and photographed, and a canvas is soaked in mud and then smoked over fire and finished with pigments and scraping of of its surface. The results are placed in a domnestic environment, in an industrial place in Kaulsdorf near Berlin. The windows are closed off with plastic sheets and stuffed with polystyrene and dead twigs from the forest. The smell of charcoal is suspended from an aroma spender. At the end of the space someone is playing a live soundcollage behind the curtain of one of the procedures.

Material .... plastic sheet, dead fox, dead twigs, charcoal, sound, canvas, pigments

Kollaboration mit Alice Morey

Dingwelt und Reality-Soap


In the TIK-Theater in Berlin Friedrichshain there´s a 90´s style living room build in for a reality soap filming. The walls of an old house in Kaulsdorf have been removed and brought there. All the furniture is from other still used or not anymore used modern flats in Berlin. 72 hours of filming of the reality soap change the interieur, so that the realities of conventional living rooms change. The pieces of the „real“ living rooms merge with the realities of the protagonists of the precarious family acting out.

Material .... walls, wallpaper, doors, furniture, scaffolding beams, accessories

Kollaboration mit Girl To Guerilla

virtual rooms of power,

Das emersive Theater


A theater space not far from Rosenthaler Platz Berlin has been emptied and covered in 100 m2 of concrete, walls and ceiling have been build in. In front of the door there is a private parking space set up. In the window-front a brain is placed, with big letters on the glass, saying „emersive theater“. A performance by girl to guerilla takes place on the "square" inside.

Material .... a lot concrete, lagging boards, wooden structures, plexiglass, scaffolding beams, bull brain, car

Religion, Rooms


On the street in front of the arthouse LA 54 which is being threatened by investores, a religious ceremony is taking place.

Material .... costumes, keyboard, microphones, computer with soundeffects, terracotta drain pipe, steel beam, steel train track ends, steel drain pipe with insulation


Autonomous Rooms


In an old brickstone cellar at Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin an exhibition is happening. In the toilet is a gatekeeper cabin build up. Behind the glass is lego. Through a microphone you hear yourself distorted and multiplied.

Material .... laminated chipboards, glass, microphone, computer with soundeffects, lego, lego box



In an old military basis in Klosterfelde temporary rooms are build up from found materials of that area.

Material .... found polystyrene from Bernau, found wooden palette from Bernau, found potato sacks from Bernau, nails, 1 tea candle

Try to not think of any word for 5 minutes


In a heater room in a big cellar of a big modern building, goldfish are swimming inside heaters. Behind a big glass are bugs underneath a heating lamp. Above the heaters, at the ceiling, a big ventilator is swinging. In a corner a yeat dow is growing. You can hear the sound of chainsaws in a rainforest and shouting apes.

Material .... bugs, goldfish, red lamp, windows 98 computer, projector, ceiling ventilator, gauze, glass, steel beam, electric cables, yeast dough, speaker, amplifier, soundcollage with apes and chainsaws

Interviewroom, Surplus


In a backspace of an exhibition about the theme surplus, interviews are being made with artists who bring their work about the subject. Afterwards their work is hung directly in the office, until it´s full.

Material .... pictures, sculptures, wallpaint, acrylic paint, pigments, furniture, lamp, ladder inside the cabintets: office material, painting utensils, all sorts of tools, lamps, lamp color folios

Waiting Room, Decontamination


In an office building in Prag singular visitors of an exhibition are being taken one floor above away from the exhibition and are put into a waiting room. On the seats are switches, each of which is triggering different mechanisms: One switches the extractor-fan on and off, one the climate conditioner, one a water-pump built in the wall, on one seat you could turn one of the devices on another seat you could turn one of the devices off. To distract from the changes of the conditions the people who are waiting do to the environment, there is a naked prostitute standing in the room and a security. After this room there are other ones following which deal with a decontamination which took place in the area and examines the audience.

Material ....air extraction, air conditioner, waterpump, chairs, pulling switches, cable, bin, two peorsons

Extraktion, Identity


Two cabinets found in a backyard in Ostrava Czech. One is used as a cabinet-skeleton. The other one is used to make a print out of, by a canvas soaked with hot soap, which extracts the smell and the shape of the furniture, and is then being stretched on the skeleton of the other cabinet.

Material .... cupboard, linen, soap



In an old transformers station on top of a not accessable crane, a plant is placed on top of reflecting glas and sourrounded by tar polin light up in green, which is almost not perceivable as a viewer from the bottom. The outside of the cube is insulation and isolation material.

Material .... filthcarpet, tar, fiberglass-insulation, tarpaulin, gauze, aluminiumstrips, glass, plexiglass, plant

social behaviour experiment ῏ Raum 1


In an empty hospital three rooms are set up. In the 1st one people are instructed to play the instrument they are worst at playing it altogether for one hour. In the 2nd room, words are to be written on the prepared white wooden walls with charcoal, a few words have to form a square, this procedure is finished when the whole room is full. Then the audience are instructed to talk only with the words sorrounding them for one hour. In the 3rd room the people are given masks to wear with only small holes for the eyes to see, then they are instructed to move around the space which is full of twigs, big polystyrene objects and big pieces of cloth, for one hour. The whole experiment is filmed and commented by the participants.. Afterwards there was a second Facebook created, each participant made a profile with a new name, to comment on everything that happened and show the cameraperspectives of each anonymous participant, describing and encoding the situation.

social behaviour experiment ῏ Raum 2


Material .... instruments, tiled room, mobile phones, cameras

Material .... charcoal, white wooden walls, mobile phones, cameras

social behaviour experiment ῏ Raum 3


Material .... papermasks, twigs, different polystyrene objects, big black cloths, half tiled room, cameras



In in the 5th floor of an office building is a home set up. There is everything you need. A shower, a mirror, a table, a stove, a washingline, a silent corner, with a built in iron structure which

is covered with foam and a wool cover. An artist is living there for one year until the house is being renovated and rebuild again.

Material .... iron beams, styrodur-aluminium, watertank, stove plate, pvc-curtain, wood, cloth, table cloth, foam, modern dishes, flower, muesli, towel, clothes